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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - DVDDVDate?


Page 2 - Introduction

101. General and TechnologyThis is acceptable due to the fact that the data is notstored within one constant stream, but in sectors andsegments.From t

Page 3

111. GeneralCompared to the DVD 9, the additional capacity of theDVD 10 is about 900 MegaByte (just a little more thanthe capacity of one CD) but the

Page 4

121. General and Technology1.7 ColourDVDThe ColourDVD by Sony DADC Austria AG is availablein six different colours. The bright red, yellow and violeta

Page 5 - Table of Contents

DVD Video2. DVD Video132.1 GeneralDVD-Video is a new media for the distribution of homevideos. The digital nature of this new media offersseveral new

Page 6 - From CD to DVD

Please note that there are technical restrictions for seamless playback in the creation of multiple alter-natives. For example, the playtime variation

Page 7 - Services

2. DVD Video152.3.12 Separate audio masters, digital multichannelaudio programsFor DVDs with digital multichannel sound, a separateaudio mastertape is

Page 8

162. DVD-VideoEdge TV Safe Margin Title Safe MarginPAL Left / Right Each 36 Pixels 72 PixelsTop / Bottom Each 28 Pixels 57 PixelsNTSC Left / Right Eac

Page 9 - 1. General

2. DVD Video172.3.19 Image SizeEach highlight on any page should be contained inits own separate TIFF file. Each image should onlybe as big as the tex

Page 10 - 1. General and Technology

182. DVD-Video2.3.20 Colour DepthThe highlight must be an indexed, 8 bit, 256 color TIFFfile. Since DVD specifications allow 4 colours in a high-light

Page 11 - 1st side/2nd layer

193. DVD Rom3. DVD-Rom3.1 Data PreparationThe first step in formatting is the collection and prepa-ration of the input materials. You can submit alrea

Page 12

02IntroductionThe objective of this manual is to facilitate the correct preparation of input components for DVDproductions with Sony DADC.Similar manu

Page 13 - 2. DVD-Video

203. DVD-RomDVD-ROM, DVD-R An already replicated DVD-ROM or a DVD-R (Authoring,General) is a preferred input media, and can be used fordirect masterin

Page 14

4. Lableprinting21The following pages contain importantspecifications for DVD printing and the filmmaterial required.Please transmit this information

Page 15 - 2. DVD Video

224. Labelprinting15 mm117 mm120 mm23 mmPrinting area on the DVDCatalog Number:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSpecification F - Label Print DVD 5 / DVD 9

Page 16

23Specification G - Label Print DVD 10 Side A and B15 mm38,5 mm43,2 mm120 mmPrinting area on the DVD4. Lableprinting

Page 17

244. LabelprintingPrinting area on the DVDSpecification H - Label Print DVD 10 Labelside A15 mm23 mm43 mm120 mmAlternatively, Sony DADC offers an ext

Page 18

25Specification H - Label Print DVD 10 Labelside B15 mm23 mm35 mm120 mmPrinting area on the DVD4. Lableprinting

Page 19 - 3. DVD-Rom

264. Labelprintingmin. 0,15 mm min. 0,10 mmA a B b C c D d Ee Ff GgHh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn OoPp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv © Œ Æ » ≥

Page 20

274.4.3 DensityTo be able to process your label films optimally theminimum film density has to be 3.0 in full tone.4.4.4 PrintSony DADC requires smoot

Page 21 - 4. Labelprinting

284. LabelprintingContrast between DVD logo and background admissible Contrast between DVD logo and background not admissibleThe generic DVD logoin ac

Page 22

294.7 Label Film Data viaElectronic Storage MediaSony DADC has its own Graphics Studio with thefollowing standard DTP (Desktop Publishing) equip-ment:

Page 23 - 4. Lableprinting

03Generally, all Sony DADC prices and schedules given, are basedon the assumption that the inputcomponents provided by thecustomer meet the manualspec

Page 24

304. LabelprintingData preparation:Our server is ready to receive 24 hours on workdays.Prior to the data transfer, please inform our GraphicsStudio (T

Page 25

314.10 Disc SerialisationSony DADC Austria offers the possibility to apply anindividual code number to every disc of the DVD-ROMproduction, e.g. for i

Page 26

325. ServicesAs part of our full service philosophy, we can provideyou with printwork and any special packaging request.Due to high yearly volumes we

Page 27

5. Services5.3.2 Customer InputServerSony DADC is happy to be able to offer digital datatransfer via internet and FTP-Server. For more informa-tion, p

Page 28

345. Services5.4.2 FilesBesides the Quark layout, which has been used tocreate the artwork/CD label, you have to include allused fonts, scans, illustr

Page 29

5.4.5 ColoursUsed colours must always be CMYK and/or Pantonecolours.You must not use RGB, Focoltone or even PantoneProcess, Prosim, Uncoated, etc.Data

Page 30

365. Services120Explanation:Area to be printedFinal dimensionBleedMinimum of blank film dimension(at least 20 mm distance tofinal dimension)All dimens

Page 31 - Labelfilm

Film Specifications: Cover Sheet for DVD PLASTIC BOXExplanation:Area to be printedFinal dimensionBleedMinimum of blank film dimension(at least 20 mm d

Page 32 - 5. Services

385. Services120178 Explanation:Area to be printedFinal dimensionBleedMinimum of blank film dimension(at least 20 mm distance tofinal dimension)All d

Page 33

Film Specifications: Inlay Card for SUPER JEWEL BOX13,5511,53476topobengrain directionExplanation:Area to be printedFinal dimensionBleedMinimum of bla

Page 35

405. ServicesFilm Specifications: Inlay Card for JEWEL CASE(also backliner, inlay card with perforations at the back)Explanation:Area to be printedFin

Page 36 - Rear page Title page

Film Specifications: Booklet for JEWEL CASEExplanation:Area to be printedFinal dimensionBleedMinimum of blank film dimension(at least 20 mm distance t

Page 37 - Back panel Front panel

425. ServicesFilm Specifications: ECOPAKFront pageRear pagehead page 2 cover sidehead page 1 tray side3 mm bleed area(all around)head page 1 cover sid

Page 38

Film Specifications: 12 cm CD CARTON SLEEVEExplanation:Area to be printedFinal dimensionBleedMinimum of blank film dimension(at least 20 mm distance t

Page 39 - Aussenseite

445. ServicesDigipak IndexThe Digipak, which consists of a compound of plasticsand carton, requires hand packaging.Note:The DIGIPAK packing format is

Page 40

NICE PRICEFROM SONY MUSICNICE PRICEFROM SONY MUSIC• Possible core diameter: 40 or 75 mm• Max. possible roll diameter: 300 mm• Eliminate punching grid

Page 41

Jewel Case Front Side 4Back Side 3seat 2*Carton Sleeve open - Front Side 1at the right shrink 2Back Side 2shrink 1open - 3at the top shrink 4seat 1/

Page 42 - (all around)

5. Serviceswinding orientation 1winding orientation 2winding orientation 3winding orientation 4Winding OrientationGenerell Information:30 mm60 mm30 mm

Page 43

485. ServicesPackaging of suppliedprintworkWhen supplying ready-made printwork, please notethe following items:• Delivery according to agreementThe de

Page 44 - DVD Digipak Index

A1234667890DA1234667890DA1234667890DCatalogue-No.:WAPCD29 901234567890Date: Feb 28, 1995Qty:Qty: 1200BLMusterdruckerei Sony DADC Austria AG, AnifSuppl

Page 45 - Stickers

Table of ContentsFrom CD to DVD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .061. General and Technolog

Page 46

506. Order FormsOrder Data:Company name:Vat-no: Contact: Purchase Order no:Tel.-no: Fax:E-Mail: www:Country / Post Code / Town:Street:Product:❑ ROM ❑

Page 47

Company:Company Address:Title/Catalognumber:No. of Sequences/Title/Tracks:Name of developing company/developer (in case data are owned by another comp

Page 48 - Packaging of supplied

53GENERAL TERMS& CONDITIONSSony DADC Austria AGA-5081 Anif, Sonystrasse

Page 49

54(1) PreambleUnless otherwise agreed in writing, the General Terms andConditions of Sony DADC Austria AG (hereinafter referred to as”DADC”) shall for

Page 50 - 6. Order Forms

DVD Manual 02Sony DADC Austria AGA-5081 Anif, Sonystrasse 20Tel: +43/(0)6246/880-555Fax: +43/(0)6246/880-510e-mail:,

Page 51

06WHAT’S NEWFrom CD to DVDDVD Types and FormatsA DVD consists of two halves, where each half disc is 0.6 mm thick, holding one or two layers of inform

Page 52 - & CONDITIONS

General07Statistical process controls and in-lineinspection systems form a key part of ourproduction process. Full 100% checks bymeans of automatic te

Page 53

081. General and Technology1.1 General and TechnologyThe Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) is the logical successorof the Compact Disc (CD). Moreover, due

Page 54

091. General However, the two most commonly used DVDs are theDVD 5 and DVD 9. These single sided discs bring amaximum of comfort to the home-cineast c

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